Bucket List – please don’t judge me!!

After reading a post tonight by fellow blogger Lesley Carter I became inspired to share my bucket list with you. This bucket list is really a list of things I want to accomplish by the time I hit 30, I’m currently 25 so I figure if I shift myself I stand a pretty good chance of succeeding right?

So, it’s pretty long, and I’m trying to work on what to concentrate on for next year. Once I’ve decided I’ll let y’all know, unless you have any suggestions for me?

  1. Take cooking lessons in Italy
  2. See the Nutcracker
  3. Rollerblade down Venice beach
  4. Have a beach picnic in the Hamptons
  5. Go to the Isle of Wight music festival
  6. Make time to see friends a few times a month
  7. Own a house abroad
  8. Go to Rome
  9. Visit 5 art galleries
  10. Go for a long walk in the heavy rain
  11. Go virtual skydiving
  12. Go zorbing
  13. Own a piece of art
  14. Try caviar
  15. See Cirque du Soleil
  16. Go on a girly holiday
  17. Visit all 50 States in the US
  18. Make a snow angel
  19. Visit a ranch in Texas
  20. Visit Singapore
  21. Go on a Caribbean cruise
  22. See the Panama Canal
  23. Go to the Opera
  24. Sample unique world cuisine from every country I visit
  25. Visit Yosemite
  26. Travel France
  27. Experience winter in New York
  28. Go to Miami
  29. Do Winter in Venice (Vegas!)
  30. Be able to speak French fluently
  31. Learn to cook (generally)
  32. Run the New York marathon
  33. Camp in an Airstream American Camper van
  34. Do a coach trip
  35. See a wonder of the world
  36. Have a career I’m happy in
  37. Be comfortable with money

Now, I realise you may have got bored halfway through, but if you made it this far, WELL DONE and thank you!! Also, I realise a lot of my list involves travel so maybe I should shuffle ‘be comfortable with money’ up to number one on the list haha

ROLL ON 2012



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