Online Shopping

I have to say, hand on heart, I do not know what I would have done this year without the internet! It has been my saviour this Christmas, I haven’t had to fight with people in the shops once, because when I’ve gone into towns, it’s been for pleasure and the odd bits! Though, yes, I did have the odd tantrum in Leeds because of Starbucks, they really should train their workers better, just the basics you know, like how to speak English! Always helps when discussing someones intolerances for a drink.

ANYWAY, I digress. Yesterday I helped my Grandma do her very first order online with Ocado and she’s so happy with them! They delivered tonight and everything was packed well for her and the dates were really good on the products. You always wonder don’t you if they’re gonna pull a Tesco on you and give you all the nearest dates so you have to eat 12 yoghurts, 4 loaves of bread, a pack of Flora, a bag of apples, bananas and oranges, drink 2 bottles of milk all within 48 hours! Never good. I have a feeling that now she’s taken the plunge once though, she’ll be a regular shopper with them now. Her back isn’t great these days and carrying carrier bags full of detergents does worry me. Not that you can really tell, I mean she decided to pull out the furniture the other day to do some cleaning, all by herself, she’s a one!!

Ah Christmas how I love thee!

I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit now too, Christmas films a plenty, Christmas songs and lots of food! I only wish Krispy Kreme did home delivery, that would be the ultimate…..although maybe not for my waistline! (Note to self: New Years Resolution must be to go walking for exercise!!)


Is it a bird, is it a plane, NO IT'S SUPER NIC!


I also got a lot of inspiration for my Christmas presents from Pinterest. Now I know I have linked to this site before but I LOVE IT! It’s a serious obsession and has been for a while now, I’ve made a couple of gifts for friends from it, hope they like them!

I’m off to get my Buble on now, you know it’s Christmas when Michael Buble’s on the tele. LOVE. So I will leave you with links to some of my favourite websites:

Getting Personal

Pinterest – of course!

Victoria’s Secret

Find me a gift





Enjoy my friends, I will be back!!







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