January sales!!

Is it wrong that we haven’t even got Christmas out of the way yet but I’m scoping out the shops for the January sales? Every time I go into Topshop or New Look I keep thinking, ooo I’ll look out for you in a week or so, or, ooo open Boxing Day! I’m even scouring Net-a-Porter too! Not that you can really predict what’s gonna be in the sale online so I don’t know why I’m bothering on that score but, I-just-can’t-help-it!!  I have my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket but the Yorkshire person in me is saying ‘don’t spend it yet, just wait until everything has come down in price’.

This is what I feel like!!

I don’t want to sound like a stamping Stan but when you come away from what’s supposed to be a productive day shopping with nothing but 3 packs of raisins and a bag of prunes (I also have a Holland and Barrett obsession), there is something wrong my friends.

I will be making my presence felt though as soon as Boxing Day arrives, and I worry that I may look something like this….

The heat is on.....


Don't mess with a woman at a sale....

And then comes the reality that I can't fit anything else into my wardrobe dammit!

….and in that actual order! The Shopaholic film is one of my favourite films of all time, possibley because I can relate to her so well haha.



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