Christmas stress!!

I’m officially getting a teeeensy bit tense now for the festive period. In the next 48 hours I need to:

  1. Make Shortbread
  2. Make Double Choc Choc Chip Cookies
  3. Make a birthday cake
  4. Make some jam
  5. Make a batch of bath goodies
  6. Put together my Grandma and Grandads mini goodie basket
  7. Sort out the boyfriends mini hamper
  8. Wrap the last few presents
  9. Go delivering said presents
  10. Make Nigella’s Grasshopper Pie
  11. Find the god damn Creme De Cacao Blanc for the above pie
  12. Tidy my room
  13. Do a pretty large amount of washing, including bedding (or should I buy some new…….)
  14. Take a trip to Halifax to buy a birthday present
  15. Go to M&S to exchange some clothes
  16. Go to the vets to top up on cat food, tablets and for my cat to have his steroid jab
  17. Cry.

The last one may come within the next few minutes. I guess I can at least check one thing off of the ever growing list right?

And does anybody else ever get paranoid that the things you’ve bought just don’t look enough now they’re wrapped? Whatever happened to the good old days where you could buy a lot of LARGE presents that were reasonably cheap yet looked like you’d spent a load? Nowadays everything costs more but is so much smaller (yes APPLE I’m looking at you!!) So you have a few small presents sat under your tree looking a little but sad but in actual fact, these presents cost you well over £150! It’s madness I tell you, madness!

Right, I guess instead of having a merry old rant on here I should maybe make a start on that list (did I mention that my car also needs a new battery so only starts when it feels like it, add to the stress why don’t you!)



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