General twaddle

I had a moment today. I’ve felt kind of run down after all of the holiday madness and we found out today mums gotta have an op, not a major one, just a gallbladder removal but none the less, she’s upset about it, and I realised as I logged onto my Facebook that, as human beings we really take life for granted, abuse our bodies and boy are we selfish. Sorry to get all ranty and deep on you folks!


As I sit writing this, my cat is curled up, content as ever, at the side of me, fast asleep. You always find that, no matter what, pets are always faithful to the end. They never judge you, they’re always there when you’re feeling low, don’t care how you look or whether you’re having an off day and they will always sit and listen to you (whether or not they understand is questionable but it always makes me feel better!)


I would literally do anything for my cat, he has kidney problems and an IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and has daily medication, a monthly steroid injection and cat food for a sensitive stomach that you can only buy at the vets. Now Felix (my cat, obv) never asked for any of this, but as his owners, we have a responsibility to look after him right, he has a serious weak spot for curries (don’t ask, he never got fed them by us I assure you) but we make sure he is fed well and is well looked after and to look at him, you would never know he was 16 (approx 76 in human years) and had a list of ailments.


My point in all of this is, as a household, we generally eat healthy, yet, Felix has his kidney problems and an IBD, I have an IBD (Crohn’s Disease) and my mum has to have her gallbladder removed (the step-pa seems to be ok, for now!) We try so hard to look after ourselves as a family and it really annoys and saddens me when I log onto Facebook to see people I know have problems, have been in hospital because they have had a gastric band fitted, or have bowel problems that will require serious surgery in the near future, yet they go out, eat greasy kebabs, pizzas, curries, drink pints of lager, cola, and generally feed themselves a load of crap. Now, I’m not judging, live your life how you want to my dear friends, but I just wish people would realise that, you only get one shot at this, you only get one body to work with, so when you have serious problems, work with them not against them.


We don’t always get a choice in what hand of cards we’re dealt in life but, I believe we’re dealt them for a reason.  


So, I’m beginning to sound a bit preachy now, but I hope you all understand where I’m coming from and agree that, we need to live life to its fullest and try look after ourselves as best we can. Oh, and that our pets are probably the only ones in our life that will always, without fail, listen to our crap and not turn around and say, not today I have my own stuff to deal with. They are the ultimate best friends and Felix inspires me everyday with how he fights so hard every time we think we’ve lost him. I like to believe it’s because he knows how much we love him but, I’m just soppy like that!!



This was 12 months ago at the vets when he was in such a bad way we weren’t sure he would make it to this point where he would even be able to stand up.


ImageThis is more recent, a couple of months since. He makes me laugh all the time and cheers me up whenever I need it. If I remember rightly, this was after he had face planted one of our plates with curry sauce on it (he’s so sly!)




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