New beginnings

Well, the last few days have been keerraazy, and not in a good way.


Friday morning mum went in for her gallbladder removal, she was really worried because she had an op years ago where they basically poisoned her with drugs and it took an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) doctor to come into her room and get her sorted, the reaction was so bad it was a potential stroke. So anyway, up at 5.30am on Friday I drove mum to hospital, we got ‘checked in’ so to speak to her room and just played the waiting game. The aneathatist came in to see her and assured her he’d keep a close eye on her (which he last one didn’t, he disappeared and no one could find out what to do to help my mum). The nurse said she was one of the first on the surgeons list so… 10am she went down to theatre, still so so nervous.


The op went fine and at 11.30am she came back up to the room, groggy obviously but ok. I can’t tell you the relief!! 3 hours later however, she started to feel sick after water, but, persevered so that she would be able to go home at teatime which is usually the case for such an op. It all went a bit wrong a couple of hours later though when she tried to eat. She had a slice of cucumber and a slice of tomato and that was it, she was getting the exact same hot flashes and sickness as before, this time though, she recognised the signs. Scary isn’t even the word. She was upset which got me upset, the nurse wanted to give her more drugs which mum didn’t want, but eventually they convinced her to try the anti-sickness drug that the aneathatist had advised them to try on her notes, just incase this happens.   Now I was only…..13 at the time of her last op so didn’t witness how bad she was, apparently, she was a LOT worse than this before, she actually went green and really scared the nurses. This time, just very red. An hour later they moved her downstairs which is the floor you stay on when you ain’t getting home that night! Luckily she picked up after the anti-sickness jab and before I left her at 10pm had a slice of dry toast. 


Turns out, because my mum NEVER takes anything, not even so much as a paracetamol, her system just couldn’t really take the cocktail of drugs that they give you when you go under anaesthetic. The nurse told us each aneathatist has their own concoction of pain relief, anaesthetic and anti-sickness they give you when you go under (scary right?!). She’s home and well now thank the Lord, well, she’s not doing too well with the relaxing thing but she’s not sick anymore!


All of this made me really want to seize every moment of life because, you really just never know do you. I’ve decided to study beauty therapy and have passed my first 2 assignments with flying colours, so happy, then I’m going to do some local courses for eyelash extensions, tanning and of course, nails haha. I’m also going to crack on with the bucket list! The Nutcracker is on at the Alhambra in April so you just know that I’m booking that as soon as I have the money!


I just wanted to let y’all know why I’d been fairly quiet anyway, hope you’re all having better weekends!!


Ciao for now 



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