Wake me up when my life becomes normal again

HA, what a joke, like my life has ever been normal. And what is normal anyway?

Whilst we’re at it, have I really been away from WordPress that long…..I’ve logged on and they’ve decided, just for kicks, to confuse the shizzle out of my by revamping everything. Not cool.


So, I’m writing this from bed, because my body hates me and doesn’t want to move a muscle without pain shooting through my abdomen. Again, not cool. Welcome to the fun and fabulous world of Crohn’s Disease!!  I don’t normally have crash and burn days where I have to get into bed though in all fairness, I think my inflammation is just so far through the roof that my body has had enough and needs a time out…..and maybe a few painkillers whilst I’m at it! As a result of my feebleness tonight, my mum has decided ‘no more crap is coming into this house now’, and by crap she means everything that is joyous in life. Chocolate, crisps and shortbread. I want to cry haha


I also need to kick Chiquitos ass at some point soon too, I went for lunch today with my boyfriend and no joke, over half an hour we waited for our food and I was pretty sure they hadn’t gone to catch my fish themselves! My opinion, they’d had the fish grilling away for that full half hour because I’ve never had to chew fish as much in my life, and to add insult to injury, the rice was definitely something that had either come from a microwave or had been reheated, it sat in clumps around my plate. Vile.


So as you can all see I’ve come back grumpier than ever haha my bad, I’m sorry! An early night is needed tonight, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and my body will be friends with me again 🙂 A girl can dream right!!


Sweet dreams folks xoxo

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