Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes

The last few weeks have been crazy busy, between Halloween, Christmas and life in general! However, luckily I’ve been getting quite a few cupcake orders in through word of mouth and Facebook mainly, so I thought I would share them with y’all….

Halloween Cupcakes

I have to say, my newest cupcake, Lemon Meringue Pie (as seen in the second pic) is one of my faves! It’s filled with lemon curd and sprinkled with lemon flavour sugar sprinkles and I LOVE IT! The frosting is one of my new faves too, it has some Fluff in it and it tastes AMAZE!!

Well, no rest for the wicked today, I have Christmas shopping to finish ūüôā I’m so on the ball this year!!


I feel like I’m living in Oz!

Oz as in the Wizard of, not Australia! The wind has been a nightmare here today and as for the rain, don’t even get me started. Not only did I get a soaking, TWICE, my poor little ballet pumps filled with water (ok not the smartest choice of footwear but I can’t feel the car pedals in my UGGS) and my hair now resembles something like my cat used to drag in!! Ugh.

On a lighter note, today I had to prepare an order from a girl I went to school with for some gluten free¬†Jack Skellington¬†Cupcakes. No pressure there then! I love making¬†cupcakes for family and friends, I really do, but when it’s someone you haven’t seen for 10 years (thanks Facebook) the pressure is kind of immense! And I did have a slight nightmare with what were supposed¬†to be Jacks head. I planned on white chocolate truffles with his little face painted on but…..well lets just say I didn’t anticipate the mix looking like custard and not setting even when put in the freezer for nearly 2 hours! So I had to resort to a plan B, with only half an hour to spare I wacked some Wiltons¬†White Chocolate into one of their Halloween molds and improvised, A LOT! Here’s the finished product….

Jack Skellington they are not, but I do still love them!

AND bonus, I had¬†8 left so you just know what I’m having for dessert tonight!! Unfortunately, Americolor¬†black food colouring has stained my poor little cuticles¬†(word to the wise, use with caution haha) so I kinda look like a cross between something from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Helena Bonhem¬†Carters character from Sweeny Todd with my hair now!

I’ll post the recipe for these gluten free¬†bad boys tomorrow¬†(I daren’t go back out to my car tonight for my recipe book¬†fear of doing a Mary Poppins and flying off to another land!) but until then, ciao¬†for now folks! xoxo