Seedless Raspberry Jam/Jelly

Ok, so I know I’ve been seriously MIA this last week but it’s been crazy busy with Christmas coming up! I’ve been buying gifts, making plans for what to bake and freeze, making jam………

Now, this is only the second time I’ve ever made jam using a pan and the first time I’ve made seedless! The first time I made jam in a pan will haunt me forever, I nearly destroyed the hob, pan and 2 of the jam jars were un-salvageable! My goal was a pear and rhubarb jam, sounds lush right? WELL, it probably would have been an idea to take notice of the instructions on the back of the packet of pectin where I got the recipe from, telling me to boil for 4 minutes, no longer. Me being me though, I thought ‘hmmmm, this doesn’t appear to be thickening up very well, I’ll just keep boiling until I think it’s thick enough’. I didn’t think to do the saucer test. So, 28 minutes later I thought, this should do it, and I then remembered the saucer test. The good news was the jam set, the bad news, it wouldn’t come away from the saucer. I panicked and just funnelled it into the jars anyway, 4 of them. Ten minutes later the jam had set and set good. Have you ever made caramel or toffee? Have you ever burnt the sugar on the pan? If you have you’ll know just how tough that badboy is to get off….now imagine 4 jars full. Yeah, not good. So like I said, 2 jars had to be thrown away and go to jar heaven and that was my first attempt at being a master jam maker!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made jam very successfully in the past using my bread machine and let me tell you, it’s a godsend! If you have one that’s large enough and could fit more than enough for 1 medium and 1 mini jar of jam in it, I would say do it!

Hopefully the above won’t have put anybody off of trying their hand at jam making haha I’m a bit of a disaster area at times, but the joy is, you know that if something’s turned out well for me, it sure as hell is gonna work for you! I can’t cook either so any meal I make and post, you know is gonna be a breeze for someone that can cook! I hope I inspire people who are afraid to try something that’s out of their comfort zone to take the bull by it’s horns 🙂

So, without further ado, here is the recipe for my seedless raspberry jam: –

900g raspberries

7 Tbsp lemon juice

Granulated sugar (450g for every 600ml of juice)

Here’s my step by step how to: –

Now, I used frozen raspberries, mainly because they were on offer at Tesco and paying so much money for a large weight of raspberrys upsets me haha just be sure to measure out your raspberrys weight AFTER you’ve defrosted them, it makes a huge difference.

  • Put your raspberries into the pan along with 600ml of normal tap water.
  • On a medium to high heat, bring your raspberries to a calm boil (ie, don’t let the mix fully boil, turn your heat off just as the mix begins to boil).

Raspberrys just after you've boiled, but before mashing!

  • Mash the raspberries down until your masher comes back up with just seeds on!
  • Now, BE CAREFUL during this next stage. You need to strain the mix so it’s just raspberry juice but I found it impossible to lift the pan up to the height of the jam stand (especially given the heat of the pan), so I used a mug to fill up and then move across to the muslin bag which was in the jam stand. Again, do this with caution as you don’t want to lose any of your mix, nor do you want to spill it down yourself!

This was only about 2 cups full of mix

  • As tempting as it is to strain the bag with your hands, try not to (my bag slipped at one point so I tried this cheat method and failed. I burnt my fingers and the raspberry juice stained them).
  • It’s a slow job straining the mix so if you have errands to run, seize the moment!
  • After about 3 hours or so, you’ll have your raspberry juice ready to pop back in your jam pan and boil!
  • I had 900ml of juice, therefore I added 675g of sugar and the 7 Tbsps of lemon juice into my jam pan then turned on the heat to medium high.
  • Stir the mix continuously until all of the sugar has melted, then crank up the heat to a boil.
  • Boil the mix for a good 5 minutes, then attach your jam thermometer to the side of the pan and keep an eye on the temperature.
  • Once you reach the setting point, boil for a couple of minutes then take off the heat and jar up.
  • BE CAREFUL when pouring. I use a jam funnel and oven mits so that you’re protected if you have any splashbacks.
Making jam is so exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time. I find myself in and out of the kitchen every 5 minutes, prodding the jars to see if it’s cooled and set yet (it never happens in the first hour or so, yet I still live in hope!)
The good thing about jam though, is that, if you can be bothered, you can always re-boil the mix if it doesn’t set properly OR use it as a fruit jelly for ice creams and rice pudding (I have done this, I refuse to waste expensive raspberries and am just too lazy to reboil and resterilise jars!)
Now I must go and get my cupcake head on but I’ll be back 🙂