Le Metro, Halifax

Last Sunday I went back to Le Metro (http://www.lemetropolitain.co.uk/lemetro/ ) and I have to say, I’m pretty sure that if they serve food in heaven, this is what it will be like!!

Again I went for Sunday lunch, they have a great offer where if two of you get Sunday lunch then you get a free bottle of vino, this makes me very happy! This time I had the roast beef, I really wanted the ham again but alas, I do love beef so I can’t say it upset me as such, and I wasn’t disappointed at all! I took a picture but because my Blackberry has an awful camera I won’t put it on here, it won’t do the amazing food justice. I can honestly say, I have NEVER tasted roast potatoes as amazing in my life, they are so moist in the middle and crispy on the outside, two on your plate is not enough, I could eat a plateful. I also realise I have put amazing twice above but just thinking about these potatoes makes me lost for words!

The beef was an absolute winner too, I usually like my meat well done but I didn’t think to say this to the waiter this time, however, when it came it wasn’t like you’d expect, it was actually cooked with just a nice hint of pink and it melted in my mouth! Who needs ham when you have beef like this?! I had to give my Yorkshire Pudding away to my friend, to quote her ‘you cannot leave that, it’s sacrilege, give me it here they’re gorgeous’, but what ya gonna do when you can have eggs?!

We both had apple and berry crumble for dessert and again, as expected, fantastic food. I have to say I’m quite upset I didn’t go today, they have vanilla milk and cookies on the menu for dessert….maybe next time!

I urge you all to try this restaurant, the service is impeccable, the staff can’t so enough for you and simply put, if you don’t visit them, you are missing out on truly wonderful food.