Quick and easy food

Just lately I have been so busy that the only food I’ve had time for is the quick and easy kind! I have to say, between myself and my mum, we’ve managed to come up with some totally simple yet delicious lunches and dinners!

So Monday was a total write off because I had that large cupcake order I showed you, so I had to fall back on my old faithful, rice, avacado, prawns, cucumber and feta cheese. Amazing. It sounds beyond simple, and it is, I also cheat by using Tilda’s microwave rice so literally, by the time you’ve finished chopping your avacado and cucumber your 2 minute rice has pinged and hey presto, grubs up haha.

Later on I was so wiped that my mum made me some spaghetti, green olives and spinach pesto which ALWAYS hits the spot. I mean this is so simple that I don’t know why I haven’t been eating this for years! Obviously as I had a couple of cupcakes still left over from my order I had a gingerbread cupcake for dessert (would have been rude not to!) ¬†and that was me sorted for the night.

Now lately the Food Network here in the UK have been showing Nigella Kitchen. I LOVE NIGELLA LAWSON!! I mean what’s not to love, she loves to eat, I love to eat, she loves sweets, I love sweets, she has just recently made a Grasshopper Pie WITHOUT EGGS, and I can’t have eggs!! Match made in heaven! I cannot wait to make the Grasshopper Pie, I bought the chocolate biscuits the other day and just need to nip and buy the Creme de Menthe and I’ll be sorted. BUT my main reason for mentioning the wonderful Nigella, is that she made a Spanish chicken meal on one of her recent episodes with chicken (obviously), chorizo, potatos and a bit of orange zest if it remember rightly, then the next morning with the leftovers she makes a Quesadilla! So this inspired us to make our own little Nigella Quesadilla.

Nigella's Spanish Chicken - looks amazing right?!

The thing I love the most about Quesadillas is that, you can literally put ANYTHING in them! For lunch yesterday my mum made me a chicken (ready roasted by the wonderful Morrisons!!), cheese and chorizo Quesadilla and she had a chicken, cheese and crispy bacon one! My plan next time is to literally stuff it with everything I can think of because I have literally not felt so¬†satisfied with a lunch for ages, it filled me for hours (which is really saying a lot, I tend to munch non-stop through the day). Now, I realise I should have probably taken a picture of my lunch, I usually do, but I was so so hungry I practically inhaled it……next time though, I promise! Until then I highly recommend y’all have a look around Nigella’s website – www.nigella.com – she is an absolute legend!

My absolute favourite Nigella book!

All this talk about food has actually made me super hungry…….I may try my hand at a banana and Nutella Quesadilla….. watch this space! Xoxo