A post I forgot to post!!

This posts from 17 November, I forgot to post this being the plonker that I am haha enjoy…….

I went to the theatre lastnight to see Fiddler on the Roof by the Bradford Catholic Players. I’d never seen Fiddler on the Roof but I knew the song ‘if I were a rich man’ and it’s become a kind of regular thing that I do every year with my Grandma so off I went! Now, I’d read in our local paper that they would be using a real dog and baby this year for the first time so curiosity certainly got me going!!


I love, love, love going to the theatre. Musicals take me off to another place, like books, and I enjoy this feeling so much.


How stunning is this ceiling at the Alhambra


Just above and at the sides of the stage


The stage

The actors and actresses in this theatre group are truly amazing, I can’t give them enough credit really, you would think that you were listening to West End performers they were that good! I have to say though, although I have nothing but praise for the whole show, the songs, the acting, the spot on timing with the funnies, a girl in a red dress kept running on and off of the stage and it truly threw me! I have never in my life left the theatre feeling confused but….lastnight I did. Now, I have since researched this and have managed to confirm what my Grandma said (older people are always right aren’t they, has anyone else noticed that?), the ‘red girl’ dies at the end…..I’m pretty sure that isn’t a spoiler because I don’t think she appears in the film….and I think that this is supposed to symbolise the death of Jewish traditions. Deep huh?

Can’t wait for next year though, last years Beauty and the Beast actually gave me quite the lump in my throat, so emotional.

Anyway peeps, it’s quite late now so I’m gonna hit the hay! Ciao for now