Well, I know I haven’t mentioned it on here but I have moaned my head off on Twitter about the sheer hellish heartburn I’ve been going through. We’re on day 21 now just to keep y’all in the loop! But, as I’ve very briefly mentioned before, I have Crohns which can trigger other kinds of nasties, so I thought I might just have a badass case of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). I’ve been drinkg Peptac liquid like it was pop, although I can’t stand water at the mo because of the immense pain. Anyhooo I managed to get in to see my Gastro doc yesterday, turns out he thinks that the Crohn’s may have decided to sit its merry little self in my oesophagus (my words there obviously, not his!) So, to say I’m totally fed up is the understatement of the year, so far. Tomorrow I have to go back for an endoscopy, for anyone who has had one of these before, you’ll feel my pain, anyone who hasn’t, pray you never have to. I wasn’t sedated last time so I’m going for the lot this time, sedation, numbing spray, if they offer it, I’m taking it. HELLISH. I am hoping that it is just really really bad heartburn though, we will see in the morning I guess. Wish me luck!!

To keep my chin up though, and so that I’m not leaving you all on a depressing note, I beg of you to watch the clip I’m about to post below. This is a dating show we have in the UK which is usually funny anyway, but this week was SPECTACULAR. It’s a 12ish minute clip but you will not believe this guy, he is…..well words failed me to be fair but boy did the nation laugh. At him, not with him.

Until tomorrow peeps. Ciao xoxo