Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?!

I was sat talking to my boyfriend last night and we both realised just how fast time seems to go as you get older. I mean, I’d already realised this once I got into the working world because you find yourself praying for your holidays, or bank holidays, or even the days that your boss goes on holiday! But last night I had a really depressing thought…’s TEN YEARS this year since I left school. I’m officially getting closer to 30 day by day. Zoiks.

Age generally hasn’t ever really bothered me. I have a friend who started using anti-wrinkle cream at 21, seems like a waste of time to start so young if you ask me, I know some may disagree but, as long as you keep your skin well moisturised and look after it then you’ve got a pretty good shot of keeping wrinkles at bay. Wrinkles are a fact of life unless you’re wanting to go under the knife, I’d rather just wear them with pride (providing I don’t start to look like an elephant at 30, then I may have a different opinion on the matter).

I look through old photographs sometimes and think, really, was that however many years ago? The post I did recently on San Francisco contained pictures from my holiday in 2009, 2009, that was almost THREE YEARS ago, a sad fact that makes me want to weep into my green tea. Sigh. It’s the same with music isn’t it, do you ever hear a song and think, aargh I remember this from that night me and *insert name here* were on a night out and stumbled up to the DJ like a drunken fool demanding he play such a classic. And yes, Dolly Parton 9 to 5 IS a classic despite what that nightclub DJ says.

It’s a sad fact of life that time goes too quickly, depending which way you look at things too it can be downright depressing but, I’m choosing to think of it as a reminder that I should shift my little ass and work on that bucket list because it isn’t going to complete itself. I should start with something easy, to give myself a boost so I feel like somethings getting done, like when you write a to do list, even if its a really easy and quick task that you’ve checked off, the point is, you’ve made a start and one item has been checked off. Now, I think trying caviar might be the easiest one because, because, and I hope, the snow angel is a no go until we get more snow around December (please mother nature, spring snow is unacceptable. Just saying.)

Never take a day for granted! I’m off to requaint myself with my bucket list haha have a fun weekend folks!!


I left my heart in San Francisco

Genuinely, I think I did. And this is way back on 2009 *sigh*

This picture is my favourite picture of San Francisco, I have no idea why really, it just fills my little heart with joy whenever I see it.

This picture makes me happy too, I think it’s because these were some of the first pictures I took of our holiday there. We landed the afternoon before but you know what it’s like when you land, then you have to collect your car, navigate your way to your hotel without causing a 6 car pile-up because you’re driving on the opposite side of the road, then get checked in, then most importantly of all, EAT!

So, first thing the next day we were up at the crack of dawn ready for the 9am boat to Alcatraz. We’d already bought our tickets from these guys so we didn’t have to join the ever growing queue when we got there. Alcatraz is truly a place  that everyone must see, as soon as you step off of that boat you get a feeling inside that I can’t actually explain, it’s something eerie yet exciting. I would highly recommend you do the audio tour too, sends chills up your spine hearing the clanging of the cells and the wardens shouting.


The view from the dock up to the prison

One of the cells

Can you imagine seeing this view daily and not being able to visit!

This was my second time visiting San Francisco, I went in Feb 2005 with my mum and her friend, this time it was August 2009 and glorious does not even cover the weather!! Well, until you take a trip across the bridge that is…..

You see that mist, coming across the bridge it makes every inch of your body hurt like hell it's that cold.

Cold or no cold though, I’d still do it all again…..but maybe I’d take a warm coat on the ride instead of a cropped thin jacket haha

Hehe I couldn't resist. Who does this?


They do garlic ice cream!! GARLIC ICE CREAM! Next trip there I'm visiting the Stinking Rose!

This man is a legend! The Bush Man, he has his own Facebook page too

I really would happily move to San Francisco tomorrow if I had a lottery win, it’s such a special place, from Pier 39 and the sea lions to the Golden Gate Bridge, I think everyone should put this on their bucket list… fact, I demand you put it on your bucket lists, you’ll thank me for it, I promise!!

And with that, I’ll love you and leave you. I may not post tomorrow on account of the fact I’ve thrown myself under a bus from sheer depression at not being able to go back here anytime soon haha I joke, honestly, don’t panic if I don’t post tomorrow!!


PS – San Francisco, I my heart called, it wants to come home now 😦

Christmas stress!!

I’m officially getting a teeeensy bit tense now for the festive period. In the next 48 hours I need to:

  1. Make Shortbread
  2. Make Double Choc Choc Chip Cookies
  3. Make a birthday cake
  4. Make some jam
  5. Make a batch of bath goodies
  6. Put together my Grandma and Grandads mini goodie basket
  7. Sort out the boyfriends mini hamper
  8. Wrap the last few presents
  9. Go delivering said presents
  10. Make Nigella’s Grasshopper Pie
  11. Find the god damn Creme De Cacao Blanc for the above pie
  12. Tidy my room
  13. Do a pretty large amount of washing, including bedding (or should I buy some new…….)
  14. Take a trip to Halifax to buy a birthday present
  15. Go to M&S to exchange some clothes
  16. Go to the vets to top up on cat food, tablets and for my cat to have his steroid jab
  17. Cry.

The last one may come within the next few minutes. I guess I can at least check one thing off of the ever growing list right?

And does anybody else ever get paranoid that the things you’ve bought just don’t look enough now they’re wrapped? Whatever happened to the good old days where you could buy a lot of LARGE presents that were reasonably cheap yet looked like you’d spent a load? Nowadays everything costs more but is so much smaller (yes APPLE I’m looking at you!!) So you have a few small presents sat under your tree looking a little but sad but in actual fact, these presents cost you well over £150! It’s madness I tell you, madness!

Right, I guess instead of having a merry old rant on here I should maybe make a start on that list (did I mention that my car also needs a new battery so only starts when it feels like it, add to the stress why don’t you!)


Christmas time in Frankfurt – lots of pics!!

Given that the festive season is now in full swing, I thought I’d flash back to a couple of years ago when I went with my boyfriend for a break to Frankfurt. He couldn’t decide what he wanted for Christmas so decided he’d like a break from the madness here in England. We timed it just right for the Christmas markets too, perfect!

We stayed at the Innside by Melia Frankfurt Eurotherm and without a doubt, it was the best hotel I’ve stayed in in Europe!!

Now, I’ll be honest, I struggled not knowing much German and I didn’t have a translator guide BUT I just about got by, especially when we ate at the hotel restaurant (which by the way was gorgeous!) It was the first time I’d had duck l’orange and OMG! I’m generally limited with food but back in 2009 I was really bad. Walking around at night trying to find a restaurant where someone understands you, sells regular food and isn’t packed to the point where you’re waiting 40 minutes was no easy feat and me being me, took my bat home slightly which is how we ended up at the hotel. Best decision ever.

The markets were so so festive. With our hats, gloves and scarves on, we braved the biting cold and explored for hours. Crossing the Rhine bridge was possibly the coldest thing I have ever experienced but some quality Gluhwein was waiting for us at the other end. I don’t remember much else about the day after that, I think it contained a LOT of rum as well as red wine. What happy times.

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to experience something like this again, Winter in Venice (Las Vegas, Google it, you’ll fall in love) is the ultimate aim.