Mini Emergency Kit

Now, we all know my now that I am a serious Pinner and also adore Lauren Conrad’s blog so this post is really dedicated to her post about mini emergency kits.

Before Christmas LC posted a blog about last minute stocking stuffers (see link above) and I thought it was fantastic! Such a simple idea really, extremely useful, and yet, I’d never even thought about something like this. This is certainly on my list of possible gifts to make a person that has everything!

This post got me thinking though, I think I should have an emergency kit of my own. What would you all have in yours? LC’s personal recommendations were in the pic she posted below…..

The exact list of her items can be found here


This basically is just an excuse for me to go out and buy a cute little beauty case and fill it with lots of supplies haha



Still here!!

Just a quick post to let y’all know that I’m still alive! I keep saying I’ll be better at blogging but when, I do not know. My bad.


Anyway, I’m currently reading my way through a list of 101 Simple Salads courtesy of Lauren Conrad of The Hills’ blog and I have to say, I CANNOT WAIT to get started trying some. I have to adapt some of them because due to health reasons I can’t eat fruit seeds, general seeds, eggs, tomatoes with the skin and seeds…..yeah, salads are a laugh a minute for me these days, but this particular site has me thinking, why have I never mixed fruit in with my salads? I’ve always thought the idea of fruit in salads a little bit gross (like the Wardolf Salad) BUT what the hell, Peach and Feta cheese here I come! Pray for me hahaha


On a serious note though, check these out, they might inspire you the way they have me…….