The best laid plans….

Well, you know how on the last post I mentioned a few ideas I’d had for dates through the year with my boyfriend, and top of the list was a night out at a Comedy Club. I thought this was a pretty cool idea and really unique, until last night. You know that moment when your heart sinks, or at least thinks, CRAP thank God I never booked it, well last night was one of those moments. There we were sat watching Live at the Apollo, laughing away, me thinking smugly that this would be a great date night when the boyfriend says ‘I’ve never fancied seeing anything like this live, it’d just be boring’. Yup. There it was. So my amazing and unique idea just got flushed down the drain like one of those spiders that doesn’t pay rent therefore has no right to be in your house let alone the bottom of your bath. Boooo.


So, whilst pondering over what food I want to start making when I feel better again and not like I’m swallowing a dozen tiny hedgehogs, on Pinterest of course, I came across a crockpot bbq beer chicken sandwich. This may just have to replace the date night OUT and become a date night IN. If nothing else it’ll be an experience for him having my cook because, well, I really can’t cook. Though last summer I made a nice stew (yes in summer, yes we nearly passed out from such a hot meal and yes I wish I’d made a salad but this is what happens when I have brainwaves and decide to cook.)


Here’s the link, now how amazing does that look and sound? I think I’ll make it April time when I get the kitchen to myself at home because mum’s away, it can be a surprise for him haha. Now I’m off to feed my addiction, AGAIN, for the rest of the night on Pinterest and plan dessert!


One date night out of 12 is a start right??


Ciao for now xoxo

Let the eating commence!!

Well, soon anyway! I went to have the endoscopy today and I was brave and wasn’t sedated again, which meant I could drive home too, always a bonus. I won’t bore y’all with the details but, meh, the doctor was right and it is the Crohn’s. On the plus side, this means that I’m not adding to a list of ailments, don’t you hate when that happens, like when you get a cold, and then you get achy joints, then headaches, you feel like an absolute donkey don’t you haha. So anyway, I’m on the steroids again which means that soon enough, I’ll be able to eat without sobbing and best of all, I’ll be able to get resume eating these lights of my life….


Have I ever mentioned my addiction to Original Glazed? Seriously, is there anything better than a hot Original Glazed? Even a couple of days down the line, if like me you tend to HAVE TO buy a dozen at the time, I mean what’s the point in buying one, it’s just not cost effective is it 🙂  So, even when they’ve gone a little bit hard, just pop them in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds MAXIMUM depending on how super your microwave is, and hey presto, they’re as good as new.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time stalking Pinterest today in the hope of inspiration for something exciting to make in readiness for my feeling like Wonderwoman…I’ve shortlisted a few things but I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll love you and leave you now, but will leave you with an amusing picture I found on Facebook today…..



Over and out