Do you ever wake up some mornings when the sun in shining and think, yep, today’s gonna be a good day just because the sun is out! Sunshine makes me feel so much better about everything. I mean, the trees are blowing like crazy so I’m guessing it’s actually really cold out but, just the sun coming through my window made me happy!


Today is gonna be productive (she hopes!) I’ve been up an hour, had my breakfast, which was THE SHIZZLE by the way, taken my steroids, poured a pint of juice to have with my glucose powder (the docs want me to fatten up so I can fight the relapse), had a quick look on Pinterest ready to return again for recipe ideas, fed my cat and now I’m blogging! All before 9.45am! HIGH FIVE!


Now, because I’m on the steroids I’m eating like a monster, seriously, my mum says I’m just like Pacman when I’m on them, if its sat in my path it will be eaten. So yesterday we did the mother of all shops. £130 later, we have the fullest fridge and cupboards in the land. But how depressing is it that you have to spend so much money on food to be healthy. It was reading VodkaandMotherhoods blog this morning that made me think hell, healthy eating costs a s***load wherever you live. But, and I’m sure she’ll agree, why would you wanna eat any other way. She’s an amazing example in my opinion, too many people in the UK cop out and go buy really cheap and nasty freezer products, I’m sure it’s the same in the US. There’s enough diseases going round without adding heart disease/diabetes to your list. Just saying. So, I devised a plan to help me with my snackage issues, yes, I’m that lame, but it really helps me to make lists, I’m kind of a list fiend and like to check things off all the time, though this list may be the future if you ask me……



I also get really bored really easy with the same old boring breakfasts, so this morning I had a pot of yoghurt, a couple of tablespoons of blueberries, some agave drizzled on top, and, wait for it, 2 crushed ginger nut biscuits! The biscuits just added the crunch, texture and extra pizzaz if you know what I mean? And now I’m full without feeling stuffed, bloated or, heaven forbid, STILL HUNGRY!!


Shrimps and rice for lunch today, I’m off to Pinterest some possible dressing recipes, and probably Google too if I’m honest, though my Pinterest addiction is getting out of control haha


Wish me luck!!



What a week!!

Wow, I can honestly say this week has been crap! The boyf and I decided to boycott Valentines Day in the end, we bought cards but it just seemed stupid to go buying something for the sake of it, plus most things in the shops are literally pure cheese and really cheap looking. I still want to do the envelope idea though…..maybe for his birthday.

So Tuesday came and boy was I ill. Like, I literally thought I was dying. Ok, maybe I exaggerate there, but I honestly thought a hospital visit was imminent. The steroids cause all kinds of nasty side effects, one being night sweats/high temperatures but I woke up Tuesday with an awful fever. I literally had to crawl out of my bed to the bathroom, hunt out some old bottled water from my dresser and crawl back in to bed again. Mum had to grab me some fresh water so that I could actually function, food was not an option unless I wanted to be in agony because the emptiness in my stomach was too much to bear (steroids also cause serious munchies, you’d think that’d be fun but when hunger hits you don’t have time to waste, it’s agonising). Eventually I made it downstairs and throughout the day I took paracetamol to help my temperature. Back in 2010 I ended up in A&E because of the steroids, I had the same fever but I was shivering too, the started to treat me for meningitis as a precaution because my immune system was so low but luckily, it was an infection with the Crohn’s and the steroids had just made me crash after a boost. This meant that this time I had an idea of how to handle what was happening, luckily, because this was the third time it had happened.

All I wanted to do was sleep Tuesday night, just a nice nights sleep, but at 1.41am it was time for full on projectile vomiting (I’m really sorry if you’re eating!) This time I was convinced I’d end up in A&E again, so curled up around my shower until the world stopped spinning. Luckily I dozed and come morning I felt much better, I just felt like I’d been kicked around my local town.

You’ll all be pleased to know though that I’m getting back on track now, it’s still a nightmare having more side effects than ever with the steroids but hey ho, as long as my throat calms back down again I’ll suffer for the cause, I doubt I’ll be on them for more than another couple of weeks now so. HAPPY DAYS